Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nostalgia at its best...Cookie Jars

I don't remember a cookie jar in our kitchen when I was young. Maybe it was because it got broken or it could have been because cookies got eaten so fast we did not need a cookie jar. I do know we never had anything stale at our house. It was fun for me to get into the cookie jar at a friend's home.    

I think Mom baked every day. Besides the dozens of cookies that she made, many evening meals ended with pie for dessert. Mom got up at 4:00 or 4:30 each day and had the baking done before we rolled out of bed. We were always greeted with the aroma of something baking when we made it to the breakfast table and we knew we would have something delicious for supper that night.

 I enjoy finding cookie jars to sell at The Green Awning Gallery. The McCoy bucket jar is large and will hold a lot of cookies.  The apple jar is smaller  so you don't have to make as many cookies to fill it. The cookies pictured are my wax tarts. They look real and have a nice scent even if you just place them on a plate for decoration and don't melt them.

The grape jar is unique and the Fresh Baked Cookies jar is a fun jar. You don't have to use these for cookies, they can be a catch all jar to hide things so your counter does not get cluttered with things that need your attention.

 Come to the Green Awning Gallery Fri. night and enjoy some cookies and meet Jackie who has a pottery display in the store.  Until then....

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