Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nostalgia at its best...Plant Containers

I like healthy houseplants but it seems all that I can grow is Pathos. So I try to display plants in unusual containers. An example is an old potty chair. I have one that I think was   just made from a child's chair. I put an old flower pot in the hole and added a green plant and it looks great on top of our entertainment center. 

I also took an old black purse like my Grandmother carried and inserted a plant into it. The plant has grown so much that you can hardly see the purse. I tried to turn the plant so you get the idea.     

Old cookie jars, mixing bowls, granite pieces, elegant glass containers all work. Use your imagination.  There are lots of choices at the Green Awning Gallery so stop in this week and I will help you find the perfect container! Until then....