Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nostalgia at is best...Cider, Pumpkins, Fall

It is beginning to feel like Fall and the mornings and evenings are definitely cooler. Time for backyard fires and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Our children were home recently and we enjoyed sitting around the fire on those cool evenings.

Fall brings to mind the making of cider at my Uncle Ray and Aunt Annie's home just up the hill from where we lived. I remember my Mom did not drink any as she said there were still worms in the apples when they pressed them! But we had fun with relatives making the cider. I am not a fan of cider unless it is hot with some good spices added. 

Dad would get some corn stalks and make a shock around a pole or a tree and Mom would set pumpkins and gourds around it. Instead of pumpkin pie she always made squash pie. Yummmm!!!! I still prefer squash pie over pumpkin pie, seems to be sweeter. She would make small squash pies and we would sell them in the front yard along with gourds and squash.

We made Jack-O-Lanterns and lined them up on the front porch like sentries marching in a row guarding our house. We had to keep relighting them as the wind would constantly blow them out. Mom often would hollow out a pumpkin, set a container inside and fill it with mums in all the beautiful Fall colors.

I do not carve pumpkins anymore but I do like a few somewhere in my yard. Since orange does not fit into my decor, I spray them burgundy and cream so they match my house. A friend asked me once where I got my burgundy pumpkins. She had gone to several places and asked for burgundy pumpkins but of course they did not have them!

The Green Awning Gallery has a couple of Fall displays. If they remind you of Pottery Barn it is because my son Jordan manages a Pottery Barn and also does the visuals and he helped me do some displays. What fun we had!

All our summer items are 50% Off at the Green Awning Gallery so stop in to see our Fall displays and get some summer bargains! Until then...


  1. such pretty displays! Hope to get over soon!! maybe even today. :)

  2. I saw Jordan's displays the last time I was there. He is very talented like his mom!