Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nostalgia at its best...Picnic Baskets

 Hot summer days remind me of picnics and wonderful food that my Mom prepared for our family and placed in her picnic basket. Homemade buns filled with succulent slabs of ham, potato salad that can never be equaled  by anyone but my sisters  , baked beans, watermelon (I still do not like melon but when I was a child you ate what was served!),layered chocolate cake and other delectable treats were pulled from the basket.

Seems we do not picnic so much anymore but I keep memories near by using my Mom's picnic basket for storage.  It is the one on the right and I treasure it.  It was a wedding gift to her and Dad over 70 years ago. I got the bookcase at a garage sale and it is in the entry of our house. The baskets are filled with things I just can't part with.

The picnic basket Tom and I received when we got married 43 years ago is among these that are on my back porch. They store craft items and things that I  might need some day.

I have a couple of metal picnic baskets on top of my fridge and keep extra paper products etc. in them.  A small house means you have to be creative with storage options. I counted 17 baskets in use throughout my house! Several are filled with toys for my granddaughters and are easy to carry wherever they want to play. 

I attach tea dyed shipping tags to list what is in each basket. I am sure you can come up with some good uses for picnic baskets.  Share them on my blog.  Until then.... 


  1. You are so creative with your baskets! The tea-dyed tags are a great idea. You're just full of fun ways to repurpose and organize the home.

  2. My mom had a picnic basket just like the one on the bottom shelf of your bookcase. As I remember it was pretty battered up! I wonder what ever became of that thing.
    Last weekend I sold an old picnic basket at a garage sale. It was taking up space in my basement. The lady who bought it said she was going to keep her grandchildren's art work in it. Now why didn't I think of that?!

  3. Your picnic baskets are awesome Kathy!! I have a few and am getting ready to paint one of them white!! One is out on my back porch underneath a table where it holds my gardening hand tools! Love them!! :)