Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nostalgia at its best...Board Games

Yesterday I set up a display of old games at the Green Awning Gallery. Some I played as a child, remember pick up sticks? I have a vintage set complete with instructions. I am fascinated by a game displayed called Mr. Ree. We played Clue by the hour and this is the forerunner of Clue I think. The game pieces and cards are fun as they are probably from the 1950's.

We played Touring, Flinch, Rook, Authors and I Doubt It. And of course Monopoly. Mom let us keep a game going on the card table for days. I enjoyed that game as a child but for some reason I do not like it as an adult. We did not have TV so the evenings were spent playing games. We had some disagreements but we learned how to be gracious losers for the most part. It was a healthy way to learn that we do not win at all we attempt in life. 

We played Bingo but not for prizes or money like they do now! Also, I have a metal Weaving Loom in the box with some cotton loops. My sisters and I made a lot of pot holders. And who didn't play Table Tennis on the dining room table on those cold winter evenings? 

I played hours of Snap and Old Maid with my younger siblings. We did not have TV or all the high tech games children have now. I think we were just as happy and probably more contented.

Games included in the display that I did not play are Parcheesi, I've Got a Secret, and Name That Tune.

I would love to hear your childhood memories about the games you played so stop in at the Green Awning Gallery and tell me about them. Until then....

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  1. I love old games and I LOVE your store Kathy!! :)